Ancient roots, Modern branches

These are some works suggested by our members:

Drawing Down The Moon
by Margot Adler, an overview of contemporary neo-paganism

The Sprial Dance
by Starhawk, reclaiming Goddess traditions

The Glastonbury Zodiac
by Mary Caine, glastonbury under the star patterns > deep read for any searching the land under the stars, as above so below

Encyclopedia of Celtic Wisdom
by Matthews, quick ref into many celtic teachings

Women of the Celts and The Celts
by Jean Markale, look at the feminine celtic woman, why we are the way we are

Sacred Mask, Sacred Dance
by Evan John Jones, Chas S. Clifton, look into mummers, tool creating for ritual, mask creating for totem work

Celtic Myths and Legends
by T.W. Rolleston, all over stories from Celtic europe, a good cross ref book

Quest for the Nine Maidens
by Stuart McHardy, seeking the lost teachings of the wells or sites, guarded by the sacred feminine..deep reading

Celtic Sacred Landscapes
by Nigel Pennick, all the power places

Isle of Avalon
by Nicholas Mann, this is a beginning into the ways of Avalon

Druid Magic
by Sutton and Mann, basic reading for background

Sacred Geomertry of Washington DC
by Nicholas Mann, wont believe whats in this much telling where we are now

The Kybalion, Hermetic teachings
by Three initiates, basic laws of hermetic teaching, must know for all that walk a serious path

Book of Arthur
by Matthews, masculine archeotype

King Arthur Dark Age Warrior and Mythic Hero
by Matthews, a look at the king seat and persona of a guardian

Winter Solstice
by Matthews, a look through myth and ritual at the solstice

Walkers Between The Worlds
by Matthews, need to read it

Tales of the Celtic Otherworld
by Matthews, to understand the ways of the Other world you must discover how to walk them

Gawain Knight of the Goddess
by Matthews, for any whom serve The Lady

King Arthur and the Grail Quest
by Matthews, for whom does the Grail serve?

Mabon and the Guardians of Celtic Britain
by Mathews, totally masculine cycle, written from within the stories

Ladies of the Lake
by Matthews,
King Arthur and The Goddess of the Land
by Matthews, must read for any seeker to the matter of Britain

Singing the Soul Back Home
by Matthews, a look at celtic shamanism

Song of Taliesin
by Matthews
Taliesin, Last Celtic Shaman
by Matthews, my favorite authors into Celtic Britain, the words are deep going into other realms.

by Gwynn and Thomas Jones, a better translation than Guest, no nonsense approach

A Celtic Miscellany
by Kenneth hurlstone Jackson, translations of lost myths and stories

Caer Sidhe, The Cletic Night Sky and Vol 2
by Michael Bayly, all about ancient star patterns relating to the land and tribes

Giants of Gaia
by Mann and Sutton, ley lines and earth workings

Energy Secrets of Glastonbury Tor
by Nicholas Mann, there are no words for this book> reading is ALL

His Story
by Nicholas Mann, for the men exploring a pagan path

Reclaiming the Gods
by Nicholas Mann

The Dark God
by Nicholas Mann, personal mentor, written for the masculine
boudica cycle, Dreaming the Hound, Dreaming the bull, Dreaming the eagle, Dreaing the Spear, by Amanda Scott, must read, information of the tribes, ways, myths, workings

Master of Earth and Water, Shield Between Worlds, Sword of Fire and Shadow
by Diana paxson and Adrienne Martine/Barnes, three books of the Fion cycle, rewritten in narative read.

The Celtic Quest in Art and Literature
by Jane Lahr, a most beautiful book of art, myth, poetry
4 books of the mabinogion
welsh stories of ancient bards


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