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Womyn's Virtual SingFest 2021!   January 22-23

Join womyn from all over the country to sing short, repetitive chants about our lives! 

Friday, January 22nd ~ 7 pm (ET) Opening Ceremony & Mash Up Sing
Saturday, January 23rd ~ 1-4 pm Singshops &  7 pm Concert (ET)

A ZOOM LINK for  SingFest, 2021 will be emailed to you the day before the event!

Special Guest Facilitators

  • Melanie DeMore
  • Ruth Barrett
  • Reneé Janski
  • Linda Smith Koehler & Rissa Moore
  • Wild Bodema
  • Shelley Graff

Hosts: UUCFM/CUUPS Florida Womyn Singng in Sacred Circle

Suggested Donation ~  Sliding Scale: $5-$50
A portion of donations will be used for scholarships for SINGFEST 2022!

No womyn turned away due to lack of funds.

To Register:

Questions? Contact: Shelley ~ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Come View Videos From Our Special Guests

Ruth Barrett: Chants to Invoke Spring

Ruth has been teaching about the use of chants for women’s rituals for decades. She will be teaching chants for the transition between Winter and Spring.

Ruth Barrett video


Melanie DeMore:  Singing in Troubled Times

Raising Your Voice in Song

Melanie DeMore video #1, Melanie DeMore Graff #2

Shelley Graff:  Singing Womyn’s Lives

Chants to affirm and honor the tenacity, strength, power and healing ways of womyn in our community and our world.

Shelley Graff video #1, Shelley video Graff #2

Renée Janski:   The Crone Voice

Embracing, nurturing and taking care of your healthy, brilliant, ever-changing voice!

Renée Janski, video #1
, Renée Janski, video #2

Linda Smith Koehler & Rissa Moore:  Singing in Sacred Circle from the “Mother Ship,” Women With Wings~ Bangor, Maine

In 1993, Kay Gardner, pioneer of women’s music and music as medicine, founded our singing circle, Women With Wings, and in the years that followed spawned circles all over the country. Twenty-seven years later Wings is still going strong and members are creating their own music. In this workshop, Linda and Rissa will sing songs original to Wings and talk briefly about how you might create songs of your own.

Linda Smith Koehler, video


Wild Bodema:   Drum & Dance with Wild Bodema

Take a break from singing and move with the groove of Wild Bodema all women percussion ensemble based in Asheville NC. Bring your drum, shaker or other percussion instrument and keep the beat with live and recorded performances of West African rhythms.

Wild Bodema, video #1, Wild Bodema, video #2



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